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Nov 3, 2008

Richard M. Nixon v Barack H. Obama or two fake v the real illuminati suicide bomber, Hillary Clinton

Comparison  between fake Illuminati suicide bombers Nixon and "Obama", illustrates the Laws of End Times Reductionism. Even more revealing is the comparison between those two actors playing the role of suicide bombers and the only real Illuminati suicide bomber, Terminator Hillary Clinton.

Barack H. Obama vs. Richard M. Nixon - Comparing two fake illuminati suicide bombers

Suicide was not part of the Illuminati religion until shortly before these very last days where suicide bomber "Obama" detonates his bomb.
But don't be mislead: Obama  uses the same type of "bomb" as illuminati suicide bomber Nixon did.
Just hours before illuminati suicide bomber Barack Obama, aka Hussein Obama II, will detonate the bomb tied to his chest (1) and just after Osama I, aka Osama bin Laden, will claim credit for detonating the bombs inside the Supreme Court (2), time to ask: how do the Laws of End Times Reductionism apply to this comparison?

Hint: comparing the ultimative examples, i.e. the illuminati suicider bomber role of the only President of the US who played it to the utter limits, Richard M. Nixon (3), with the only illuminati suicider bomber who played the role of becoming US president to the utter limits, is enough to understand it. (4)

Nixon and "Obama" vs Hillary Clinton - Two Fakes vs the First and Last Real illuminati suicide bomber

How do the Laws of End Times Reductionism apply to the comparison between Nixon/"Obama"  and the first and last REAL suicide bomber role, reserved to Terminator Hillary Clinton?
For the last face of the last anti-christ, the ultimative role redux: the very last time there is no role left to play. For the last act, it is a real suicide bomber on stage. (5)

(1) For Barack Obama and the birth certificate bomb, start here:

(2) Bombs inside the Supreme Court and terrorist stepping on stage again, timed for detonation, were detected by one and the same:

(3) For Richard Nixon and how the Watergate bomb was still used to stage "democracy" and to desperately try to cover-up the coming TOTAL defeat in Vietnam and the collapse of one of the foundations of the illuminati religion, begin here:
In the process the circle, from Lyndon B. Johnson to Hillary Clinton, will be completed.
(4) Just hours after this article was posted in forums ...
... THE FINAL COUNTDOWN is announced once again and posters think it's nothing but playing the broken record one more time  ... - 11/03/2008 6:54:51 AM

Only TRUE Prophet explained what is about to happen:
Again - everybody make no mistake - THIS IS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!
Reductionism at work: this time won't be thousands of tapes and thousands of recorded hours and hundreds of hearings like Watergate.
This time everything will be reduced to the utter limits. [Two tapes and a few minutes will be enough]

This line added November 5: illuminati postponed for a few days the "suicide Obomber" act: It will be loser John McCain to Hillary Clinton, as predicted by Prophet - Why senator Obama will be impeached only after results declared and before becoming President:

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Oct 22, 2008

Barry Soetoro, aka Messiah Barack Hussein Obama II, announces incoming asteroid

The role assigned to asteroids and to Barack Hussein Obama II by the illuminati religion

What does selling 'Dinosaurs wiped out by asteroid' (1) has to do with selling 'muslim born in Kenya, adopted by muslim indonesian citizen living in the US, Barack Hussein Obama II, is celebrated as "Hope for Change for America" and "Yes, we can", until days before the "election" of Hillary Clinton (2), when he is "exposed" while using the excuse to spend time with "sick" Grandma in Hawaii to prevent the forgery about his birth certificate to surface?' (3)

(1) The ultimate asteroid proof: the mountains were so scared by that incoming asteroid that they had to run for their life:

(2) Nothing escapes the laws of End Time Reductionism. The binary code can't be farther reduced, since the two bits, 0 and 1, are the limits.
But the illuminati software now reaches the ultimate limits: it's no more about returning as winner the candidate who lost, as in 2004 with Bush "beating" Kerry. It is just about multiplying a few times the total for how many did show in front of the machines on November 4. This LAST time the voting machines will be on stage, there is no more reason to add one line of code to switch the name of the winner. The final act in the illumati "elections" script, as planned: like Sarkozy in France 2007, Hillary Clinton, the last face of the last antichrist, will actually get more votes than the other "candidate"...

(3) Answer: ---
BTW, something about the forged birth certificate that is not included in the "exposed just days before the election" script: he was no more a teenager and both Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein had been already on stage for a while, at the time he got his name changed from Barry Soetoro to Barack Hussein Obama II.

Now it should be clear for you if the script has a chapter about what his real name is or not... (5)

(4) Safety valves before the asteroid impact, in the "Antichrist replaces Messiah" script, from "ineligible McCain" to "media exposes Ashley Todd gets the Obama black mark as hoax"

This line added October 28: After waiting ten days, Prophet answered the question of what is the real name  of "black candidate" Obama, aka Barry Soetoro: Steve is his FIRST name.

This line added November 5: illuminati postponed the "suicide Obomber" act: It will be loser John McCain to Hillary Clinton, as predicted by Prophet - Why "Obama" will be impeached only after results declared

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