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Apr 19, 2014

Korea Ferry Mass Ritual Sacrifice of Youth, same as fire at disco, Santa Maria, Brazil

South Korea Ferry "accident" EXPOSED
Ritual Sacrifice of young blood, same as fire at disco, Santa Maria, Brazil, January 2013, as regularly demanded by the illuminati religion.
Timed for the first blood moon, days before Obama Bin Laden's resurrection from the Indian Ocean for a 911 remake, May 2 2014, Jerusalem.

The "accident" was deliberately provoked at a location ensuring the slow death of hundreds, by asfixiation or drowning.
Coreography includes having "the Captain" dressed as "the Death".
Reverse script to Malaysia Airlines missing, totally staged with actors.

From non-stop coverage of "news" conferences with malaysian gov for the Boeing 777 with ZERO passengers to obviously ZERO such coverage for the korean ferry with almost a thousand youth.
Illuminati immediately told to the cattle the TRUTH in plain sight: it was a mass ritual sacrifice.

Openly telling it would resume to additionally confront the audience with any question requiring a 1+1 computation (what the human cattle is no longer able to do), starting with:
1. Why wasn't the captain immediately arrested although the mockery wes immediately revealed to go as far as:
- captain tells passengers NOT to abandon ship;
- captain not LAST but FIRST to abandon capsizing boat;
- only 1 out of 50 lifeboats used.

April 19, 2014 - About 250 people are still missing from the ship, which had been packed with high school students on a holiday trip, and anguished families are furious with the pace of rescue efforts.
"We want an answer from the person in charge about why orders are not going through and nothing is being done," Lee Woon-geun, father of missing passenger Lee Jung-in, 17, said. "They are clearly lying and kicking the responsibility to others."

April 19, 2014 - Captain "arrested" only 3 days after illuminati passed TRUTH in plain sight:
Ferry captain defends delay in evacuation order

Feb 2016 - Ferry captain dressed as "The Death" after he played a key role in the mass murder of youth.
Contrast it with the Panthers quarterback forced to appear the same way at the press conference after the mach after he was forced to play "Scam Newton" in Superbowl 50, just BEFORE the mass slaughter of blacks starts. Photos:

Sep 2016 - South Korea: exploding Samsung galaxies  ... [added March 2017:] ... less sinister than deposed president abandoned dogs
South Korea: Coreography of capsized ferry 2014: Samsung smartphones
One of the most shocking images: teens calling their parents while slowly drowning.
After reading the few lines below you'll know ALSO the basic facts about the company that manufactured the smartphones used that day by hundreds of teens inside the "Sewol" for their last call.
What exploding Samsung galaxies mocks goes beyond the literal astronomical simulation, the computer generated imagery served as "snapshots of the Universe, billions of light years away, caught by NASA spacecraft".
In 2014 Samsung was one of only two major companies worldwide not TOTALLY controlled by the illuminati.
After taking control of it, the joke fulfills illuminati religion's commandment of revenge.

How WEAK the illuminati really are: illustrated by Korean Ferry Mass Ritual Sacrifice and Bundy Ranch stand-off, staged as half-Waco

2015 May: Illuminati sacrifices, to what lengths truth in plain sight now goes:
Young blood sacrifices by the Illuminati: boy scouts, chrisitan pilgrims to Fatima, Portugal

Illuminati carry out mass human sacrifices of young blood under the cover of a fake war. 
Battle of Waterloo and bombings of Dresden 1945 additionally illustrate diversion from defeat:
June 2015 - Waterloo 200th anniversary satanic celebration: Napoleon, human sacrifice of tens of thousands, young blood offered to satan:

BIG BANG starts with Obama Bin Laden's resurrection from the Indian Ocean


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