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Jan 30, 2017

Block Travel ban to trump gassed refugees in Europe

Judge blocks Trump's travel ban: surpass gassing refugees in Europe since 2015
Meant to have as reaction "US residents banned from returning now rush to use window of opportunity to comeback".
End Times Reductionism: all you need to explain it all is an introdution to an article from Dec 2015.

Introduction added Jan 30, 2017
After reading this you'll know that "Judge suspends Trump's travel ban" is about fulfilling a commandment of the illuminati religion.
More precisely: surpassing the milestone for human sacrifices set in 2015 with "refugees desperately try to enter Europe".

Trapped: Why sacrifice of a non-drafted soldier in the trenches 1914 is more valuable than a korean teen in a ferry 2014
Reminder from Dec 2015:

Illuminati's death camps, human sacrifices of young blood
The first commandment of the illuminati religion states that almost everyone is part of the human cattle, good for nothing but to be mocked, humiliated, enslaved and slaughtered.
The timing for the slaughter isn't only once someone is no longer fit to be used as slave.

Illuminati's death camps are a tool to fulfill: 
- the genocide agendas, from jews and christians to inferior races.
- the religious commandment of human sacrifices, in particular of young blood.

Human sacrifices of young blood
To get to what lengths illuminati will go to fulfill this commandment and how it also applies to germans, although the illuminazi propagate the ideology of the "aryan master race":
You should finally get these two scripts, both sharing the trapped word: 
- 1914-1918: all of western Europe's youth trapped in the trenches of the West Front, a STAGED war.
- 2013-2014: youth trapped around the world, from Santa Maria's brazilian disco to the Korean ferry.

Not every sacrificed young life has the same value for the illuminati.
What's more important: age of the sacrificed, how the execution is carried out or is it something else?

Younger and more gruesome: BOTH NOT the ultimate criteria
Apparently a korean 15 years old student calling his parents on a cellphone while slowly drowning, trapped in a capsized ferry one mile off the coast in 2014, is more valuable than a soldier dying, trapped in the Verdun trenches 1916

Free will: the ultimate criteria 
Same as with fulfilling the enslaving commandment, when not every dollar that the human cattle is stripped of has the same value for the illuminati: VOLUNTARILY is the ultimate keyword to get how illuminati value the sacrifice of a human life.
That's why 
- the sacrifice of a not drafted soldier in the Christmas 1914 trenches World War I, either in combat or shot on the spot for willing to respect the Christmas truce, is more valuable for the illuminati than one of those trapped in the Korea ferry 2013 or at the brazilian disco 2014.
- details such as slow death with parents on the line (does people calling 911 on 9/11 before jumping off the window ring a bell?) are added to the coreography of sacrifices of those who did not voluntarily march into the slaughterhouse. In other words: counterbalance less valuable sacrifices by adding extra value.

2015 - Milestone for human sacrifices set in Europe: 
The more willingly human cattle will march into the slaughterhouse the more valuable its sacrifice will be for the illuminati.
In 2015 new limits were set using the genocide in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. 
Refugees escaping the air bombings of US led coalition and Russia, mass executions and starvation (food stamps terminated in camps, from Turkey to Jordan), desperately try to enter Europe, only to be gassed since October 2015.
Note, data updated Feb 2017: 1.5 million of them disappeared in the smoke of the ovens, fed now no longer mostly by volunteers but rather thanks to a steady supply by illuminazi agent Erdogan.

For added Intro:
JAN. 28, 2017 - Judge Blocks Trump Order on Refugees Amid Chaos and Outcry Worldwide

Canada Trudeau just in time call: enter death camps voluntarily ... twice.
US Travel ban: why Trudeau keeps the Canada back door open
why the actor casted as "liberal prime-minister Trudeau" calls refugees to come to Canada.
The main agenda is not to stage "conservative Trump v liberal Trudeau".
It's the same role as Turkey's Erdogan continuing to supply, since Oct 2015, refugees to feed the ovens of the extermination camps in Hungary.

Refugees gassed in Europe since Oct 2015 and US residents and citizens starting to be gassed in the US now:
Trum(p)man show: Anti-establishment billionaire changes policies: abortion, Syria and wall: for dummies
Muslims will no longer allowed to enter the USA while Iran will continue to supply the ground troops for the US led coalition 
No muslims (same as hispanics or any non-whites) are going to be allowed to leave America.
After reading the article below you'll know why.

Jul 1, 2016 - 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme
To get what Illuminati celebrate:
Genocide in the West Front trenches of World War I: scripted by the same who carried out the holocaust during World War II
Exposed worldwide first by the same Prophet who exposed first Adolf Hitler as the Illuminati Grand Master before, during and after World War II and his great nephew Alexander Adolf Hitler as the Grand Master now:
World War III: original script released 1943 was a remake of original WW2 script, two of the ultimate reductions of illuminati end times.
The first reduction is implicitly stated: again the same original script.
The second reduction is what the original script was: a fake war with real blood.
The ultimate reason for all this: proving the illuminati anti-bible true, in particular that "Armageddon is a lie".
At the end of the day not only WW2 but also World War III started as a real war mixed with fake wars.
As expected from the Laws of End Times Reductionism some of these fake wars were additionally reduced to fake blood.


ALL UN recognized governments consist of nothing but traitors to their own people. They ALL took either the illuminati oath or a similar one, to another secret society controlled by the big sect: 
"Shouldst thou become a traitor or perjurer, let this sword remind thee of each and all the members in arms against thee".
And yet how WEAK the illuminati really are is illustrated by how they now carry human sacrifices of young blood: see Korean Ferry 2014 

Illuminati's ability to use the draft to carry out mass sacrifices of soldiers (let alone have them voluntarily enlist) has been drasticaly reduced.
One of the reasons: their weakness before the proclamation of the legal terror state.
Yet illuminati are still able to use staged wars for mass executions of civilians:
From real blood in Dresden 1945 to fake blood in Palmyra, Syria 2015:
Palmyra two fake battles: fake capture by ISIS and coming "liberation" - Agendas

May 21, 2016

TSA Lines: Airport Clowns Humiliate Cattle - for dummies

Introduction, 29 Sep 2016
New Jersey train crash staged to push HUMILIATION of human cattle to new limits
Hoboken "crash" exposed immediately after. Main agenda: to expand TSA to Buses and Trains, the answer to last question in the article below.
You still can try to solve the riddle for the reducing KEY.
Reminder of Last Prophet's words from May 18, 2016:

"Airports Enlist Clowns, Tiny Horses to Distract Travelers From Long TSA Lines" - for dummies
Which KEYWORD of a commandment of the illuminati religion is being primarly fulfilled with these headlines?
The clown word suggests it's MOCKING the human cattle, but make no mistake: ultimately the correct answer is HUMILIATING.

TSA: main agenda is NOT to terrorize or make money but rather to HUMILIATE the human cattle
Same as with sulfites in ALL wine: Illuminati do make money with TSA by getting people to sign up for PreCheck under Homeland Security.
But you just need to think about what TSA also costs for the illuminati to discard this as the main reason for TSA.
It's also NOT what otherwise seems obvious, advancing the terror state.
The correct answer is the same as with sulfites in ALL wine: humiliate the human cattle. 
The stripping ritual ranges from time (forcing it to wait in endless lines) to belongings (under ostensibly ridiculous pretexts) and clothes.

Humiliation tactics: stripping passengers of almost everything - Truth in plain sight.
Illuminati fulfill another commandment of their illuminati religion. Illustrating transcription:
"the agency’s airport ubiquity hasn’t been bereft of glaring security mistakes and practices antithetical to the safety their presence ostensibly guarantees.
Agents, for example, laughably claim our water bottles, soda cans, and, yes, even breast milk containers and pimento cheese, pose an insurmountable risk to passenger safety and must be handed over prior to entering the terminal — but confiscated materials sit in filled-to-the-brim bins in screening areas.
If all of those beverage containers somehow actually did contain, say, explosive material, the TSA would be responsible for building a bomb of epic proportions.

Step by step technique: so, after airports, what comes next?
Two words that can be reduced to only one KEY, which is coincidentally the word shared by the two ultimate goals of the illuminati religion: G _ _ _ _ _.

May 16 2016 - Airports Enlist Clowns, Tiny Horses to Distract Travelers From Long TSA Lines
TSA Lines Causing Frowns? Send in the Clowns! (and Tiny Horses)

May 16, 2016 - Long TSA lines snake through Atlanta airport
With long lines at security checkpoints around the country, Homeland Security is trying to encourage fliers to sign up for TSA PreCheck.
Channel 2 Action News learned that an average of more than 9,000 people a day were paying $85 to sign up for the expedited screening last week, which is more than double the number this time last year.
“I think the secret is getting out,” U.S. Travel Association spokesperson Johnathan Grella said.
More than 26 million fliers are now participating in PreCheck.
PreCheck is valid for five years and you can sign up online.

September 30, 2016 - New Jersey train rams into station, kills bystander, injures 108 others

HUMILIATE the human cattle, one of the commandments of the illuminati religion, illustrated here:
Sulfites in Wine and Champagne illustrates one misconception about the Illuminati

Basic facts about  human cattle - self explains why reading it won't have you weep about yourself
Facts listed 2008, each one illustrated with examples, last updated Feb 2016 with recent ones.

Apr 1, 2016

Perfect horror slideshow: Idomeni camp, Greece, the after-Calais refugees psy-op

Idomeni camp, Greece, the after Calais psy-op: finally the perfect horror slide show.
Calais had already been extended with the razor wire. One month later, it has finally rained enough to complete the perfect psy-op.

Reminder of Last Prophet's words from March 4:
Idomeni camp replaces Calais jungle as leading psy-op of type "camps for migrants and refugees ".
Illuminati media:
"No it's not Glastonbury, it's a refugee camp in Greece: Staggering aerial photos show huge tent city on Macedonian border - where desperate migrants hold babies to razor wire in bid to get across".
For the trasition to be perfect only the weather is not as scripted: not enough rain, to pass image of "swines in the mud" from the beginning.
All at "Ongoing genocide of refugees in extermination camps in Europe: from Calais, France to Idomeni, Greece".

Horror slideshow - perfect at last
Photos from March 31, 2016, "in a makeshift refugee camp at the northern Greek border point of Idomeni, Greece, "

Refugees are being gassed - it's business as usual
#2- Lazaros Oulis, farmer and owner of fields drives a farm tractor near the makeshift refugee camp at the northern Greek border point of Idomeni, Greece, Thursday, March 31, 2016. Oulis, tried to plough his land on Thursday, driving the tractor near the tents and peopl

Barbed wire
Oceans of barbed wire, to push the message to the utter limits 
#4 - Macedonian army soldiers patrol between two-line fence set along the border line between Macedonia and Greece, near southern Macedonia's town of Gevgelija, Thursday, March 31, 2016. More than 50,000 migrants remain stranded in Greece following border restrictions and closures by Austria and Balkan nations.
The classic joke, reversed orientation of barbed wire, for which the fake "concentration camps set by serbs for muslims in Bosnia", set a milestone. But this time a reveresed script, or in other words, for real:
#5- A migrant stands behind a fence in a makeshift camp at the northern Greek border station of Idomeni, 

Children, swines in the mud, barbed wire
#9 - A girl walks through a makeshift refugee camp at the northern Greek border point of Idomeni, Greece, Thursday, 

No need to include the all of the fence: enough barbed wire at #4 
#3 - Silhouettes of refugee children 
#10 - A boy waits for food Thursday, March 31, 2016.
#12 - A woman sits on a chair in a makeshift refugee camp at the northern Greek border point of Idomeni, Greece, Thursday, March 31, 2016.
#16 - Children stand in their tent 

Railway tracks
#20 - Refugees move from tents by railway tracks to gas ovens of extermination camps captioned as "Refugees move among tents set next to railway tracks"
#21 - tents set next to railway tracks

Suggesting long duration - now rather a mockery
Unlike the "Calais jungle camp" 2015 psy-op this time only as mockery of an audience playing innocent bystanders, same as during the holocaust. 
#22 -now a doend and a oven is all it takes to suggest crowds and long duration of camp

Fatttened muslim cattle must be slaughtered
#23 - the perfect weight, pose and clothes

April 1, 2016 
"Through the coils of razor wire and a fence that stretches across green fields, "
Horror slideshow - to start click first photo

Jan 2016 - Extermination camps for refugees in Europe: Illuminati pass truth in plain sight, from Germany Justice minister and Belgium Immigration minister to headlines:
"There’s a Solution to the Refugee Crisis, But No One Is Talking About It"

Mar 4, 2016 - Psy-op "migrant and refugee camps":from Calais, France to Idomeni, Greece: the main difference

Illuminati religion: "truth in plain sight" and "human sacrifices, the more and the younger the better"
One episode that is also a crash course for dummies:
Apr 2013 - South korea ferry captain casted as "The Death"
Korea Ferry "accident" EXPOSED: Mass Ritual Sacrifice of Youth, same as fire at disco, Santa Maria, Brazil

Sep 24, 2015

Mecca hajj hoax: fury of 4 elements series completed

Hoax "Hajj, Mecca - the fury of the four elements" series
Wind/Lightning (caused crane collapse) + Fire (caused 1.500 to flee hotel) + Earth (caused rock slide) + Water (flood of people caused stampede).

"Breaking news": "220 people killed, 450 injured outside Mecca in Hajj crush – Saudi civil defense".
For dummies: Hoax, the last episode part of the series staged in the last days, advancing the agendas "Destruction of idols of false religions", "END of SHOW".

It was staged in street 204 which in http means "job fulfilled, job done" as symbology for the completion of the series.
The "death" toll continued to rise for 3 hours and suddenly stopped at 717 it's the number for Armageddon in Strong's Exhaustive Concordance.
The Illuminati Grand Master is possibly hinting that Obama's staged arrest, tne begin of the BIG BANG, will take place on 27th September 2015.
The day that the Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation will officially be 54 years and 54 days old (6+6+6) + (6+6+6) + (6+6+6) years and (6+6+6) + (6+6+6) + (6+6+6) days old

"Breaking news" as served by RT, the #1 member of the illuminati web of disinfo:
First video:

Fire forces 1,500 pilgrims from Mecca hotel on hajj eve

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance.
Strong's #717: Armageddon: of Hebrew origin (2022 and 4023); Armageddon (or Har-Meggiddon), a symbolic name:

First episode exposed worldwide first by Last Prophet and echoed by nobody

Obama Biden alias Osama Bi(nla)den presidency comes to an end with the BIG BANG. 
It starts with their staged arrest followed by termination of distribution of food stamps to 45 millions, mostlyt blacks, and martial law.

How "fake blood" hoaxes supposedly in public are staged: 
The scene is cordoned off just before the hoax is staged and remains hidden from the public so it can be modified at will.
What matters are the first photos and above all the videos: fuzzy, retouched with software.
Only later "detailed" photos and videos are released.

Fake sunnis of Saudi Arabia gov illustrate to what lengths illuminati agents playing suicide bombers go before their full detonation:
Last Prophet's words from March 30, 2015, days after Saudi jets started bombing:
Yemen: why Saudi led coalition will air bombs civilian everywhere

Jan 23, 2015

Sacrilege in End Times foundation of illuminati sacred book, the anti-bible

Sacrilege in End Times: the foundation of the illuminati anti-bible
So that you don't waste even a minute of your time reading "The Da Vinci Code" this is all you need to know: the reason for the title of its german version.

The illuminati first stepped on stage as recognizable organization as "crusaders" in 1190: the Ordo Teutonicus, where one of the admission requirements was proof of german nobility for at least four generations.
Sacrilege is the foundation of the anti-Bible, the book upon which the scripts released by the illuminati are based.

1. Illuminati and Sacrilege words: Link in plain sight
Oct 1998, CNN message boards, in particular "Kosovo conflict": 
It was the first global political discusssion in the History of Mankind, heavily censored from the start and where the simple truth was terminated months later. 
Last Prophet authors the very first posts during the Age of End Times Computers REALLY exposing the illuminati (in other words: not posted by the illuminati web of disinfo).
The simple truth included predicting what everyone else refused to believe: NATO would start a war against serbs based solely on terror, non-stop bombing civilian targets, a full-scale remake of the NATO premiere in Bosnia 1995.
But above all it included exposing the reason behind it.

2003 - illuminati have first time their organization's name in the spotlight
It was the member of their web of disinformation casted as writer Dan Brown who was assigned the leading role for this premiere.
"Coincidentally" the Da Vinci Code was released in german as Sakrileg (Sacrilege).

2. Son of perdition: additional lines for perfect sacrilegious fulfillment
He was described by Revelation almost 2000 years ago.
As if that was not enough he additionally scripted his role in the anti-bible to literally fit the description.
Why? Sacrilege, in this case literal mockery, is part of the answer.

violation or misuse of what is regarded as sacred.
"putting ecclesiastical vestments to secular use was considered sacrilege"
synonyms: desecration, profanity, profaneness, profanation, blasphemy, impiety, impiousness, sin, irreverence, irreligion, irreligiousness, godlessness, unholiness, disrespect
"the sacrilege of committing a murder on holy ground"

The 7th and final kingdom of the beast and the end times
The son of perdition was prophesized to appear during a simulated 8th kingdom.

Mar 3, 2017 - Son of perdition FINALLY steps on stage to pull the curtain

Fake Putin v protesting women, from Puzzy Riot to Femen:
A series of illuminati theater with a coreography focused in sacrilege.
It ranges from the fake death of a "priest" defending the profanation of holy places to other actresses in cast desecrating the sacred word in the most abominable form: to advocate the genocide of the unborn.

Apr 19, 2014

Korea Ferry Mass Ritual Sacrifice of Youth, same as fire at disco, Santa Maria, Brazil

South Korea Ferry "accident" EXPOSED
Ritual Sacrifice of young blood, same as fire at disco, Santa Maria, Brazil, January 2013, as regularly demanded by the illuminati religion.
Timed for the first blood moon, days before Obama Bin Laden's resurrection from the Indian Ocean for a 911 remake, May 2 2014, Jerusalem.

The "accident" was deliberately provoked at a location ensuring the slow death of hundreds, by asfixiation or drowning.
Coreography includes having "the Captain" dressed as "the Death".
Reverse script to Malaysia Airlines missing, totally staged with actors.

From non-stop coverage of "news" conferences with malaysian gov for the Boeing 777 with ZERO passengers to obviously ZERO such coverage for the korean ferry with almost a thousand youth.
Illuminati immediately told to the cattle the TRUTH in plain sight: it was a mass ritual sacrifice.

Openly telling it would resume to additionally confront the audience with any question requiring a 1+1 computation (what the human cattle is no longer able to do), starting with:
1. Why wasn't the captain immediately arrested although the mockery wes immediately revealed to go as far as:
- captain tells passengers NOT to abandon ship;
- captain not LAST but FIRST to abandon capsizing boat;
- only 1 out of 50 lifeboats used.

April 19, 2014 - About 250 people are still missing from the ship, which had been packed with high school students on a holiday trip, and anguished families are furious with the pace of rescue efforts.
"We want an answer from the person in charge about why orders are not going through and nothing is being done," Lee Woon-geun, father of missing passenger Lee Jung-in, 17, said. "They are clearly lying and kicking the responsibility to others."

April 19, 2014 - Captain "arrested" only 3 days after illuminati passed TRUTH in plain sight:
Ferry captain defends delay in evacuation order

Feb 2016 - Ferry captain dressed as "The Death" after he played a key role in the mass murder of youth.
Contrast it with the Panthers quarterback forced to appear the same way at the press conference after the mach after he was forced to play "Scam Newton" in Superbowl 50, just BEFORE the mass slaughter of blacks starts. Photos:

Sep 2016 - South Korea: exploding Samsung galaxies  ... [added March 2017:] ... less sinister than deposed president abandoned dogs
South Korea: Coreography of capsized ferry 2014: Samsung smartphones
One of the most shocking images: teens calling their parents while slowly drowning.
After reading the few lines below you'll know ALSO the basic facts about the company that manufactured the smartphones used that day by hundreds of teens inside the "Sewol" for their last call.
What exploding Samsung galaxies mocks goes beyond the literal astronomical simulation, the computer generated imagery served as "snapshots of the Universe, billions of light years away, caught by NASA spacecraft".
In 2014 Samsung was one of only two major companies worldwide not TOTALLY controlled by the illuminati.
After taking control of it, the joke fulfills illuminati religion's commandment of revenge.

How WEAK the illuminati really are: illustrated by Korean Ferry Mass Ritual Sacrifice and Bundy Ranch stand-off, staged as half-Waco

2015 May: Illuminati sacrifices, to what lengths truth in plain sight now goes:
Young blood sacrifices by the Illuminati: boy scouts, chrisitan pilgrims to Fatima, Portugal

Illuminati carry out mass human sacrifices of young blood under the cover of a fake war. 
Battle of Waterloo and bombings of Dresden 1945 additionally illustrate diversion from defeat:
June 2015 - Waterloo 200th anniversary satanic celebration: Napoleon, human sacrifice of tens of thousands, young blood offered to satan:

BIG BANG starts with Obama Bin Laden's resurrection from the Indian Ocean