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Jan 8, 2009

Sulfites Wine Champagne misconception humiliate about Illuminati religion

Sulfites in Wine and Champagne illustrates one misconception about Illuminati religion

Sulfites - basic facts
Sulfites are "strongly linked" to the rapid increase of cancers, particularly stomach and throat, and the massive surge in asthma.
Sulphite intolerance is massively on the increase.
Ask any allergy consultant and they will tell you that the human body reaches a point where it is "full" of certain toxins then can't tolerate any more and the allergy is born, as part of the body's defense system to stop you taking in any more of the substance.
Sulfites have been in virtually every food and drink for the last 30 years and many people are no longer able to tolerate them.
In the same time asthma rates have increased from 2% to 35% and cancer rates have shot up.
10% of the population has now severe sulphite allergy. These are the lucky ones, unable to continue poisoning themselves unlike those who don't have an obvious reaction.
The BMA stated that two glasses of wine a day can dramatically increase your chances of contracting cancer - about 95% of wine consumed in the UK is factory produced and laced with sulfites and chemicals.
The alcohol itself isn't actually bad for you (in moderation), it is the added chemicals, sulfites in particular.

Need for Sulfites in wine - basic facts
Wines made the traditional way, selecting grapes to keep rot out of the wine, last for at least six years without any sulfites.
Any wine lasts at least one year without any sulfites.

Amount of sulfites (sulfur dioxide) in Wine or Champagne now - basic facts 
1. It's now almost impossible to buy wine or champagne without sulfites.
2. The amount of sulfites added has stealily increased during the last decade.
Example: In the EU the maximum levels of sulfur dioxide that a wine can contain are 160 ppm for red wine, 210 ppm for white wine and 400 ppm for sweet wines.
But a simple test shows that nearly every bottle contains dozens of times more: open the bottle, fill a glass, put the rest of the bottle in the freezer for at least 30 hours.
After it unfreezes, the sulfites will deposit as a white powder at the bottom of the bottle, almost one centimeter thick.
3. Any person who knows what organic wine is will immediately notice the disgusting reaction in taste caused by sulfites.

Sulfites in Wine and Champagne: Illuminati Religion: the basic facts
These are the main reasons for the illuminati agenda "sulfites in all wine for the human cattle"
1. Another weapon of mass destruction implementing the Global genocide agenda
2. Part of the agenda "deny all basic assets to the human cattle" (from water and wine withouth chemicals to children).
3. Mock the human cattle by having wine "experts" classify and price all these poisoned wines from $5 to $500.
4. Implement mass production of wine.

The last reason is not the main but indeed only the fourth most important reason.
All this illustrates one of the major misconceptions about the illuminati:
illuminati religion is first of all not about using the human cattle to make money but to slaughter, humiliate and mock the human cattle.

As for beer:
German beer and Spain's El Gordo lottery exceptions: same KEY: exactly the same procedure

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