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Feb 7, 2010

Illuminati Cosmology: Names use THEIR KEYWORD, the opposite of LIGHT

Illuminati Cosmology: Names use THEIR KEYWORD, the opposite of LIGHT
Nov 2016 - UNPRECEDENTED Kaikoura earthquake added to original article from 2010.

Illuminati: X NOT LIGHT is THEIR religion's KEYWORD
After reading this you'll finally know your Ages, which "coincidentally" share the X word:
- Historiographically, the REAL name of your Age
- Cosmologically, the official name of your Age, which incredibly you most certainly are not aware of.

Introductory note
About three words in the text below:
- X: is a four characters word. The riddle is explicitly solved in article "END TIMES C_L_U_E_S: Unbelievable first Google page: TRUTH about the _AST and BEYOND".
- THEIR: when referring to the illuminati it means what THEY serve to the human cattle. Not to be confused with the meaning when referring to THEIR religion.
- zillions: anything beyond the trillions scale, which is the maximum used in THEIR Historiography.
Note: the trillions scale only appeared in YOUR Age, more precisely linked to "US Debt", one of the elements in the coreography of the BIG BANG, an act that is unfolding to terminate this Age.

Etimology of the illuminati word: LIGHT: what BLACK is WHITE is all about
THEIR religion's keyword stands for the opposite of LIGHT.
To get it you can read one of these two articles by Last Prophet, exposing how the illuminati:
- reacted to the unprecedented Kaikoura earthquake, Nov 14, 2016, which includes the X word in its title.
- used X in their Historiography (for the same general purpose as the reaction to Kaikoura) and in their Cosmology (celebrating how successfully they used X to complete THEIR matrix).

The illuminati named X both an Age in their Historiography and in their Cosmology.
In both cases the illuminati used the word Age in the plural form.
In Historiography the X Ages are the longest in the period after Christ and one of several periods named to include the word Age.

Illuminati Cosmology: The X Ages
1. the ONLY period that includes the word Age
2. by far NOT the longest period, althouth they are "about 150,000 times" longer than the X Ages in Historiography.
Note: the X Ages in Cosmology, the 8th Age, are nevertheless: 
- zillions of times longer than the sum of the first six Ages (all named Epochs)
- "about 400 times" longer than the 7th Age (named Epoch).

Illuminati Cosmology: the current Age
The illuminati grouped their cosmological Ages into four Eras.
X is "coincidentally" the first word in the name of the current Era, which is also and by far the longest: 90 billion years.
Yet we are only 3.8 billion years into it, what makes the Era that the X Ages are part of the longest so far.

Illuminati Cosmology: what is by far the largest entity
It constitutes 84.5% of the total mass of the universe.
X is the first word of its name. As for the second word, it starts with MATT and to complete it simply add the two characters missing in this riddle, which is one of the implications of THEIR religion:
Nothing MATT_ _S more than to keep the human cattle in the X.

Kaikoura earthquake, the day of the supermoon: UNPRECEDENTED observation: coast rises 6 meters within seconds.
Exact Data on how Human cattle was kept on the X side of the moon

END TIMES C_L_U_E_S: Unbelievable first Google page: TRUTH about the _AST and BEYOND

BIG BANG: US shutdown script: Link to Obama's FULL detonation as illuminati suicide bomber.
Obama sentenced to "death" for all sorts of "crimes": script to launch the FULL scale supervised race war.
Preliminaries: welfare cuts caused by defaulting on social security payments.
Agendas of the US shutdown theater include: annihilate the fake trillions in US debt supposedly held by ILLUMINATI puppets, a list led by "red" China and "liberal" Japan, as of Oct 2013.
This while human cattle is stripped of pension funds and savings and faces compulsory "vaccination" against the super virus pandemic hoax, alias the REAL kill shot

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