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Jun 24, 2013

Why known actors play politicians popes

Why well known actors play top politicians (Osama, Biden and Kerry to Romney, McCain) and popes (Francis to Khomeini and Khamenei).
Politicians Osama Bin Laden, Biden and Khamenei
Osama Bin Laden is played by a well known actor: the ethnic indonesian "married" to a black transvestite playing first black president Hussein Obama, the Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation.
Biden is played by someone familiar with live performances on stage: Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page.
Same goes for Ayatollah Khamenei, not only the shi's "pope" but also Iran's Supreme Leader, although his stage experience came from the same type of audiences as politician Osama Bin Laden.

Kerry, Romney, pope Francis and ayatollah Khomeini: all Hollywood stars.
Not only the welsh playing catholic pope Francis but also the scottish actor who played shia "pope" Khomeiny arriving from Paris to Iran in 1979 is still alive.
The actor impersonating McCain for decades now became previously famous as the star of an iconic TV series.

so .. WHY?
The ultimat reason are not the acting skills to better manipulate the masses.
It's the need to prove the first commandment of the illuminati religion: satan created two kinds of people. the illuminati and the human cattle.
Illuminati deliver additional proof by fulfilling the commandments of truth in plain sight and reversed and parallel scripts.
As for having one of the most celebrated Hollywood stars playing what is apparently a small fish, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaaln:
it's additionally part of fulfilling another commandment of the illuminati religion: exterminate ALL jews. 

Before continuing to list direct goals this needs to be pointed out:
An implied CONSEQUENCE of the main goal is itself also a major goal.
How Hollywood actors playing Supreme Leaders  explain why illuminati were able to get control of Vietnam
Jonathan Pryce played first argentinian Peron in "Evita" with Madonna and later catholic pope Francis. 
 Shi'a pope Khamenei is in fact Hitlery's rival Bernie Sanders.

Pushing the mockery to these lengths is used to prove how totally worthless human cattle is.
That's one of the main arguments used to infiltrate leaderships, a process that now gives at least 192 UN recognized governments doing nothing but to execute orders from the Illuminati Grand Master.
The list includes Vietnam for years now and Israel since 1975, both even more striking than Russia, currently being destroyed by illuminazi agent "Putin".
Unprecedented success of illuminati infiltrators in end times: contrast Russia with Israel and Vietnam
Iluminati suffered the two most important military defeats ever in Russia: Napoleon 1812 and Hitler 1942/43.
Yet the Soviet Union was created by illuminati agent Lenin, one of the milestones at the begin of end times.
Against the odds the illuminati lost control as Stalin not the scripted Trotsky became Lenin's successor.
Yet the leadership continued to be heavily infiltrated, one of the reasons being Stalin's inability to recognize treason. 
No wonder that illuminati regained control immediately after Stalin's death.
Contrast it with:
- Israel: created by the survivors of the holocaust, and only 3 years after the Red Army had finally put an end to Auschwitz & Co.
- Vietnam: iluminati suffer one of the greatest military defeats ever after war by terror was pushed in duration to a decade and in quality to unprecedented war crimes.
Vietnam stands for the milestone of chemical weapons to annihilate not only civilians but also their tropical forest environment, seen as the main obstacle to air bombings.

Who are the Hollyood actos playing these roles? Answer:
McCain, Romney:

John Kerry, wife ketchup Heinz and daughter Alexandra: a real Hollywood family.

Ayatollah Khomeini (answers also who plays Khamenei):

Not only who plays the role but also the role's roles

Lebanese actor plays Hollywood start George Clooney and

Truth in plain sight: A good lauinchimg pad:
1986 "Doomed" space shuttle Challenger "crew": recent photos of "dead" "commander" Scobee and "pilot" Michael Smith released 2015

Well known actors play top politicians - a shocking but NOT one of the BASIC facts about what's going on in the world today.
The algorithn to get them - applying it to one simple statement (input has to be a question) reveals not only one but ALL of them.

All part of the same gang of illuminazi puppets executing orders from one and the same:
- 28 governors of EU states who are still called prime-ministers or presidents, BushClinton since 1988 including Hitlery since 2008 ("Hussein Obama" will now be stripped),
-  BRICS (fake Putin, China, India, South Africa), "enemies" from Iran's Ayatollahs to Cuba and North Korea and the ISIS caliphate alias the Raqqa mini-state; fake sunnis of Turkey, Saudi and Egypt gov.

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