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Jan 12, 2014

BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA II Naming Illuminati Icons for the human cattle while fulfilling the anti-Bble

BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA II: Naming Illuminati Icons for the human cattle
BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA II was named at the age of 29.
1. "Obama" is clear to everyone from the beginning. Openly telling the TRUTH to the human cattle requires only the smallest of changes: replacing one character, B to S.
As clear as "Madonna", the evergreen illuminati icon of the last 30 years. And yet the beasts didn't get it.
What is not as clear, in fact it was revealed first by Last Prophet: the role Osama was named after the role Obama, not the other way round.
2. "Barack" must be clear to everyone the latest since illuminati agent Mubarak (and now also agent Morsi) had to leave the stage without fulfilling the role the illuminati assigned to him in the "Glory of Olive" agenda.
But Mubarak isn't the only Airforce Marshal behind that name.
3. "Hussein" goes beyond the obvious Saddam Hussein, where Obama also sentenced by Court to be hanged. 
The "first christian Hussein", same as the word Obama, fulfills the anti-Bible, in this case the mockery of a supposedly christian nation, the US. 

Anagram - again fulfilling the Hidden in Plain Sight commandment
Barack Obama is an anagram of 'arab back mao', short of black and backed.
But "President Barack Obama" as an anagram of 'An Arab Backed Imposter' fits perfectly one of his roles, in particular during his FULL detonation, within weeks (from Beghazigate to faking Osama's death).

where the name Obama comes from:
Transvestite Michelle Obama, Homosexual Obamessiah of the Obamanation of Desolation in the illuminati anti-Bible:

BARACK Obama: first name comes from Truman alias Ritter von Greim and Mubarak, both Airforce Marshals

Where the name Trump comes from:
The role "Donald J Trump" is casted in the BIG BANG script, that starts with the resurrection of Osama Bin Laden at the Temple Mount crucified to the missing Boeing 777 and the staged arrest of the Obama Bi(nla)den's presidency: fake terminator and musician in the illuminati anti-bible, blowing one of their last trumpets.
How illuminati named icon Trump

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